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The Sirens of Titan Vocabulary 2

1. Aplomb (noun): “confidence and skill shown especially in a difficult situation” (Merriam Webster)

“As he walked out the door, he was delightfully aware of pulling the aplomb of the Rumfoord mansion right out with him.” (The Sirens of Titan 38)

2. Compunction (noun): “a feeling of guilt or regret” (Merriam Webster)

“Since it was foreordained that he and Beatrice were to come together again, to produce a child named Chrono, Constant was under no compunction to seek and woo her, to send her so much as a get-well card.” (The Sirens of Titan 38)

3. Undulate (adj): “having a wavy surface, edge, or markings” (Merriam Webster)

“The pool had once been covered uniformly by an undulating blanket or gardenias.” (The Sirens of Titan 49)

4. Brood (adj): “kept for breeding” (Merriam Webster)

“The philosophy did not sadden him. It did not make him brood.” (The Sirens of Titan 66)

5. Haphazard (adj): “having no plan, order, or direction” (Merriam Webster)

“And then the recruits were given new names in the most haphazard fashion…” (The Sirens of Titan 87)

6. Infantry (noun): “the part of an army that has soldiers who fight on foot” (Merriam Webster)

“They were an infantry division of ten thousand men, formed in a hollow square on a natural parade ground of solid iron one mile thick.” (The Sirens of Titan 95)

7. Incipient (adj): “beginning to develop or exist” (Merriam Webster)

Incipient baldness had isolated a dramatic scalplock” (The Sirens of Titan 96)

8. Scalp lock (noun): “a long tuft of hair on the crown of the otherwise shaved head especially of a warrior of some American Indian tribes” (Merriam Webster)

“Incipient baldness had isolated a dramatic scalplock” (The Sirens of Titan 96)

9. Tepid (adj): “not hot and not cold” (Merriam Webster)

“Unk shuddered, stopped dreaming under the tepid drizzle of the shower head.” (The Sirens of Titan 97)

10. Keen (adj): “having or showing an ability to think clearly and to understand what is not obvious or simple about something” (Merriam Webster)

“Before every tenth barrack was a flagpole with a banner snapping in the keen wind.” (The Sirens of Titan 105)

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